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Dr. Sherri James, MD and BMI Wellness Concepts are providing people with affordable pathways to achieving overall wellness for long, healthy, happy lives. 


"My mother had diabetes and heart disease and struggled with her health for many years. She eventually had both legs amputated and a stroke, finally succumbing to heart disease at the age of 61," said Dr. Sherri James, MD. From her mother's initial diagnosis, when Dr. James was in high school and throughout her mother's challenges, Dr. James said, "I felt disheartened and helpless that I couldn't do anything for Mama."  After graduating from Pharmacy school, "I became determined to find ways to help other people have healthier lives."


For 25 years, Dr. Sherri James, MD has practiced family medicine in low income, medically underserved, urban inner-city or rural areas where access to quality and specialty care is very limited whether physically or financially.


"This patient demographic is usually the sickest of the sick with a myriad of chronic illnesses, especially those that start in childhood and are income/obesity-related, such as diabetes and heart disease. As a practicing Pharmacist prior to medical school, I saw first-hand how the inability to afford expensive pharmaceuticals greatly impacts a person's health outcomes."


"For years, my dream has been that the American healthcare system would no longer operate under the guise of “sickness” but would strive and thrive under the model of wellness and improved quality of life.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, 'The quality, not the longevity, of one’s life, is what is important.' Body Mind Integration Wellness Concepts chooses to go one step further to say -  Quality through a wellness-centered approach is a precursor to Longevity.

At BMI Wellness Concepts, Dr. Sherri James, MD empowers people who want an affordable way to Get Well Be Well Stay Well with fewer prescription drugs and the tools to integrate their body and mind into alignment. Come embrace wellness with us! 

Dr. Sherri James, M.D.


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