By Eric R. Johnson, owner Thymely Meals

Seems more today than ever, we hear and fall prey to using a lot of new terms, concepts and ideas in just about every industry and field of interest. Computer lingo, car technology, slang of the youth, and yes even food/cooking. A few years ago I stumbled across a term that sounded conceptually familiar but I couldn't say with 100% certainty that I was well versed in it's meaning or application. One evening, I bumped into a few people (at least 10-15 years) younger than me and we talked about each of our careers and interest. When I told them of my personal chef business, one person stated, "oh you cook and clean?" Without letting the cat-out-of-the-bag, I replied with great confidence, "consistently."

There are lots of terms out there today...dieting, wellness, GMO, BMI (Body Mass Index), HDL, boot-camp, crossfit...Wellness, processed vs. whole foods (not the store), macronutrients, fiber, metabolism, anti-inflammatory...and the list goes on.

Definitions, terms, concepts, plans...they all boil down to a few (maybe one thing) - "behaviors". What are you doing? What are you not doing? More specifically, what are you eating or not? What are you drinking or not? We can even ask, How much are you exercising or not?

Most (if not all) of our behaviors are driven by a goal or a need that has been accepted and personalized. That goal should be wellness. Today, I can define it this appropriate balance of behaviors which yield a better quality of life. Wellness is not specifically losing weight, or building lean muscle-mass, or dieting, or sleeping, or drinking more water. These things in and of themselves are good but they are not the sole solutions to higher quality of life. The challenge can be presented; Making a lot of money can achieve a better quality of life". the response is "at what cost..." to your overall stress level, family life, personal life, and/or reputation.

Achieving wellness begins in your mind with a strong desire or need. It's not a one-size fits all or a daily supply of smoothies or juices at the local juice-bar. It's multi-pronged combination of behaviors that answered the questions above but all hinged around nutrition. Food choices and frequency. The need for consistent better eating habits is one of the primary gears on this "wellness-machine." Controlling fats, and sugars. Balancing carbs, and proteins. Meeting your body's needs as opposed to treating symptoms (being proactive versus reactive).

This is only the beginning to a more in-depth and conclusive conversation around nutrition and how it affects "your wellness". There is no secret formula. The idea is simple; Seeing yourself achieving the high quality of life with a balanced and appropriate behaviors centered around good, nutritious food choices.

Join our discussion (blog) coming soon as we explore wellness through nutrition. Learning the meaning of words like, clean-eating, organic, GMO, anti-inflammatory, macronutrients. Learning from each and sharing things/good behaviors that work well but realizing "not everything works for everyone."


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