Where are you on your wellness journey?

Health and wellness facilitator, Dr. Sherri James provides the roadmap to Finding Wellness in a Pandemic and Beyond. Her personal and professional experiences with the COVID-19 Pandemic, caring for underserved populations amid decades of racial and social injustice give her a unique voice for wellness advocacy for the world.

Praise for Finding Wellness in a Pandemic and Beyond:

"A much-needed book during this pandemic. As an Infectious Disease physician working with patients with Coronavirus Disease, I have felt emotionally and physically exhausted. This book, Finding Wellness in a Pandemic and Beyond, has helped me towards my journey to achieving complete wellness. It is a great resource that validates how important it is for us to have complete wellness.  We need mental, physical, and social wellness in order to have complete wellness."  - Makondo Shimukowa, MD, Infectious Disease specialist.


I found Finding Wellness in a Pandemic and Beyond to be very informative, with an expanded view of wellness that touches many aspects of life, not just social, physical but occupational and financial which might get overlooked. It was a good read, really eye-opening to take the wellness quizzes each area which allows me to focus on areas that need improvement. Brilliant!" - Faye Studemire, RN, BSN, MSOM


"As a Pastor and former patient of Dr. James, the awesomeness of this book, Finding Wellness in a Pandemic and Beyond, comes as no surprise. This book covers every facet of life including spiritual wellness! I have truly been blessed by reading this book and am already looking forward to what’s next on the horizon!!!" - Pastor Eugene A. Young, St Stephens Church, Houston, Texas


"Dr. James has published a simple, but thorough, step-by-step guide to maneuver through Finding Wellness In A Pandemic and Beyond. It is beautifully illustrated with self-guided quizzes mapping out different areas of wellness that could use more positive light in dark times. There has never been a more important time for wellness and Dr. James has brought all of those components together nicely in one book." - Lori Boak-Yarnell, Certified Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer


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