Healthy Holiday Eating - It's Doable!

The holidays are here again and that'means temptations galore! Co-workers, friends, and family will try to top one another with amazing recipes, tried and true favorites, and once-per-year indulgences. These tasty treats often come with heavy creams, rich ingredients, high calories, lots of butter, sugar, and other flavorful yumminess.

For people who are working to maintain their weight or trying to follow a strict diet for health and well-being, these enticements are hard to avoid. And why should you deprive yourself of a few indulgences? The key is to make as many healthy choices as possible. If there are fruits and vegetables, put more of those on your plate. Be judicious with your favorite items. Survey the offerings first, then make mindful selections. Take smaller portions and savor every bite. Let the flavors travel over your tastebuds. Really take time to enjoy what you are eating.

#EatingHealthy #HolidayEating #PortionControl

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