Eating, Emotions, Depression & Spreading Holiday Cheer

The holidays are upon us and they can send our minds, our hearts, our bodies, and our emotions into overdrive. Holidays can be joyful, thrilling, eventful, exciting, and they can also be stressful, depressing, sad, and lonely.

Ways to Manage the Holidays

Eat and Drink in Moderation

The holidays are a time to try and enjoy delicious, rich foods, tasty baked goods, cocktails and exotic drinks. But remember, these items are also filled with additional fats, sugars, salt, and calories. If you have health issues, like Diabetes, you need to be especially vigilant on what you eat and drink. You can still partake in your holiday traditions and celebrations, but do so in moderation.

Manage Gift-Giving & Over-Spending

During the holidays we often want to find that perfect gift for our friends and loved ones and that can be stressful. It can also create a financial burden. Reign in your gift-giving to manageable levels. Find ways to create experiences for your friends and family, rather than always giving tangible things. If you are crafty, consider making personalized gifts. If you cannot afford to purchase gifts for everyone, consider drawing names, so that you only have to concentrate on one special gift.

Limit Stress, Accept All Emotions, and Acknowledge Depression

Holidays can bring a wide range of stress, emotions, and for some depression. It's important to do what you can to limit stress. Whether it's family dramas, holiday gatherings, decorating challenges, gift-giving dilemmas, food frenzies, you can only do so much. It's OK to say NO when you just can't take on any more. Also, the holidays can take people on a roller coaster of emotions - joy, sadness, anger, frustration, wistfulness, and many other emotions. Sometimes these emotions are felt all at once, and that can be overwhelming. Accept all of these emotions and let yourself feel them. Additionally, depression over the holidays is very real for many people. Acknowledge the depression, and if you can't manage it alone, seek professional help.

Spread Love, Empathy, and Holiday Cheer

The best ways to enjoy the holidays are by opening hearts, spreading love, empathy for others, and holiday cheer. It's contagious! Focusing on others' needs either by volunteering time and talents, or by donating goods, services, and financial contributions, are great ways to make a difference in the lives of others, and in our own lives, too! There is scientific evidence that by doing things for and focusing on other people's needs, we protect our own mental and physical health and well-being. Volunteering and donating connects us with others socially. They provide meaning and purpose to our lives. Volunteering and donating can be relaxing, rejuvenating, and fun. These activities can also alleviate stress, improve creativity, instill confidence, increase motivation, and inspire innovation.

These benefits also align with the work that BMI Wellness Concepts does to help everyone Get Well, Be Well, Stay Well through the holidays and every day.

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