Adopt Wellness - Eliminate A Sick-Model Approach to Health

Athletes and business leaders often talk about visualizing their success. Therapists and even many life coaches also encourage people to adopt mindfulness and visualizations for creating and manifesting positive outcomes in their lives.

This practice also coincides with a phrase in psychology known as the law of self-fulfilling prophesy, in which someone predicts a positive outcome and then it comes true because of their beliefs and their actions. On the flip side, there is also a law of self-limiting prophesy, when someone puts limiting beliefs on themselves, and therefore they stymie their potential accomplishments through their beliefs and actions. In some communities, this practice is referred to as "speaking it into existence."

These concepts are not limited to sports and business, but they also translate to health and wellness. At BMI Wellness Concepts, we're promoting a wellness approach to health and that means we have to eliminate the long-standing sick model of health. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) describes the difference between health and wellness like this: "Health is a state of being, whereas wellness is the state of living a healthy lifestyle. Health refers to physical, mental, and social well-being. Wellness aims to enhance well-being."

According to a 2019 Global Wellness Index, the United States has a long way to go to becoming one of the top countries in terms of wellness. The U.S. ranks 37th with Canada on top and South Africa as last out of 151 countries.

Image from Global Perspectives powered by LETTERONE

There are nine categories that play into the Global Wellness Index, they include:

  • Diabetes Risk

  • Blood Pressure

  • Obesity

  • Depression

  • Happiness

  • Alcohol Consumption

  • Tobacco Use

  • Inactivity

  • Life Expectancy

  • Spending

BMI Wellness Concepts is committed to helping you GET WELL, BE WELL, STAY WELL.

Learn what your personal wellness quotient is by taking part in our short survey.

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