Give Your Heart More Than Love

Our Wellness Wednesday focus is on our hearts. February is full of love and when we hear those sentiments our hearts are filled with joy. But our hearts need even more than love, especially for women. That's because heart disease is the leading cause of death in women in the US.

There are some staggering statistics here in North Carolina. Twenty-nine percent or the equivalent of 30 women per day die in North Carolina from heart disease and stroke. And in the African American population in our state, 40% of those women die from heart disease!

Obesity, Diabetes, and Smoking contribute to heart disease. Nearly 60% of all North Carolina women are obese and overweight, with 44% of African American women in NC falling into those categories, while 27% of their non-Hispanic white counterparts are obese and overweight.

About 19% of all NC women smoke. Non-Hispanic white women in North Carolina are slightly more likely to smoke than their African American counterparts.

The symptoms of a heart attack are often different in women than men. Women may not experience the chest-clutching pain that is often what happens to men. It's important that you know the signs.

If you experience ANY of these symptoms, get medical attention immediately.

Consult with BMI Wellness Concepts to find ways to help lower your risks for heart disease. We're committed to helping you Get Well, Be Well, and Stay Well!

Learn what your personal wellness quotient is by taking part in our short survey.

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