Turn March Sadness to March Gladness With Physical Exercise, Low Calorie Snacks & Social Check-I

In this new era of uncertainty and mandatory social distancing in an effort to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus or COVID-19, most of us are at a loss of how to cope with the disruption in our daily lives. By prohibiting direct face-to-face interactions, closing schools, and suspending sports, social gatherings, meetups, parties, dinners out with friends, weddings, worship services, group workouts, and gym classes it is understandable if you are feeling a lot of March Sadness right now.

Here are some ways to keep your physical and social wellness in check during these trying times, even if you can't get to the gym.

Anywhere Exercises (Modifications are ok, too!)

  • Squats - for more of a workout, add in a reach up with both hands reaching for the ceiling or a jump up.

  • Lunges - Side, Front/Back and Cursty Lunges - step to the left, bring the right leg at and angle behind and bend the left knee keeping your torso upright and your arms out to the side, as if you're holding a big dress. Then do alternating intervals.

  • High Knees - Walking, Standing or even Sitting - bring your knees up toward your chest.

  • Wall Sit - Place your back against the wall and slide down into a sitting position and then hold for 60 seconds or longer - you'll feel the burn in your thighs!

  • Arm curls - with or without hand weights or household items.

  • Leg lifts - either from a standing, sitting or prone position on your stomach or back.

  • Arm circles - forward/backward and large/small.

  • Shadow boxing - do various number combinations for 30-second intervals with or without hand weights or household objects. (Dominant hands/arms are usually stonger, so you might have to work your less dominant hand/arm a little more!)

  • ​Boxing punch 1 (for right-handers) = Left hand curled into a fist with the back of hand facing the ceiling, punch forward, like you're socking someone in the nose.) (For left-handers start with your right.)

  • Boxing punch 2 (for right-handers) = Right hand curled into a fist with the back of your hand facing the ceiling, punch forward. (For left-handers this punch is with your left hand.)

  • Boxing punch 3 (for right-handers) = Left hand curled into a fist, like you are holding a mug, so the back of your hand faces left , and hook your punch as if you're hitting someone on their side. (Left-handers this punch is with your right hand.)

  • Boxing punch 4 (for right-handers) = Right hand curled into a fist, like you are holding a mug, so the back of your hand faces right, and hook your punch, as if you're hitting someone on their side. (Left-handers this punch is with your left hand.)

  • Boxing punch 5 (for right-handers) = Left hand curled into a fist, with wrist facing the ceiling, punch upward, as if you're landing one straight to an opponent's chin. (Left-handers this punch is with your right hand.)

  • Boxing punch 6 (for right-handers) = Right hand curled into a fist, with wrist facing the celing, punch upward. (Left-handers this punch is with your left hand.)

  • Calf Raises - Standing or Sitting.

  • Slow neck rotations - up, down, left, right, back.

  • Shoulder presses (Pretend you have an orange between your shoulder blades and you need to squeeze it to get the juice out.)

  • Crunches - Prone, sitting or standing - do intervals of tightening and releasing your abs. For more of a workout bend elbows toward opposite knees.

  • Mountain Climbers - Traditionally with both hands and knees on the floor and then alternating walking one foot toward your hands and straightening the other leg/foot behind you in continuous repetitions. Modifications - can be done from standing position reaching toward the ceiling/sky and bring in the opposite knee toward your chest and alternate sides.

  • Supermans/Superwomans - stretch out onto your stomach and stretch arms above your head and then simultaneously lift your arms and legs off the floor with your torso still.

  • Jump rope - even an imaginary one can give you a good workout!

  • Run in place for 30-60 second intervals.

Low-Calorie Snacks

Let's face it, being at home often means more time to snack, so here are some healthy snacks.

  • Veggies and Hummus - carrots, broccoli, radishes, celery, peppers and hummus are filling and satisfying. (One medium carrot and 2 Tablespoons of Hummus are about 100 calories.)

  • Apples and Peanut Butter - a small apple and about 2 Tablespoons of natural peanut butter can provide protein and nutrients. Natural peanut butter only has peanuts and salt. (This snack has about 267 calories.)

  • Coconut Chips - Healthier than potato chips - purchased or make your own. If you do it yourself, toss unsweetened coconut flakes in melted coconut oil and bake in a 300-degree oven for 7-9 minutes. Add salt and vinegar or cinnamon and honey for a different flavor. (1/2 Cup = 315 Calories)

  • Hard-boiled eggs - provides protein, vitamin B12, vitamin A, selenium, phosphorus, and healthy fats at only 78 calories!

  • Greek Yogurt and Berries - this snack provides protein, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, fiber, and antioxidants. Seven ounces of Greek Yogurt and 1/2 cup of blueberries = 180 calories.

  • Bananas and Nut Butter - A sweet and salty snack that provides protein and fiber. One small banana and 2 Tablespoons of Almond Butter = 280 Calories.

  • Roasted Almonds and Dried Cherries - a great healthy snack because almonds provide protein, fiber and magnesium and cherries are filled with fiber and Vitamin A. Recent studies show this combo can reduce the risk for heart disease and diabetes! 1/4 Cup of Almonds + 1/4 Cup of Cherries= 290 Calories.

  • Smoothies - Tasty, flavorful, and healthy smoothies offer many options with fruits, veggies, especially greens, nuts, and Greek Yogurt, and milk and/or nut/grain beverages for protein- and nutrient-rich snacks. Calories depend upon ingredients used.

  • Homemade Trail Mix - Choose your favorite seeds, nuts, dried fruits, dark chocolate, grains, and spices. Figure on 1/4 Cup = 140 Calories.

  • Shrimp Cocktail - It's not just a luxurious appetizer, shrimp is packed with protein, iron, selenium, and vitamin B12. Pair it with low-calorie cocktail sauce made with horseradish, unsweetened ketchup, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce and you have a snack with a punch for only about 80 calories.

  • Tomato Stuffed with Tuna - Tomatoes have lycopene, an antioxidant that is good for our hearts and has been shown to help prevent cancers, especially prostate cancers. One small tomato stuffed with tuna salad made with mayonnaise = 150 calories.

  • Dark Chocolate and Almond Butter - Allow yourself a little indulgence! High quality dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants and the protein in almond butter gives you a wonderful treat. One square of dark chocolate and one Tablespoon of almond butter = 165 calories!

Check in With Friends and Family!

Even though we are being encouraged to maintain social distances, this doesn't mean we have to stop talking to, texting, and video chatting with our friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers! We are social creatures and we need our peeps in our lives. These social engagements boost morale, improve moods, ground us, and help keep us emotionally connected.

As always, BMI Wellness Concepts wants to help you Get Well, Be Well, Stay Well!

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